What to do against strong dog smell

Owning a dog is nice, but always this extreme smell! Dog owners often hear such or similar statements. They don’t even really notice the smell of their own dog: A dog smells like a dog, it’s a dog, so the thought of many. Dog smell can also be so stubborn, however, that it becomes annoying even the most hardened dog friends. Since an overly penetrating stink can also be an indication of a disease, it is important to know the causes of the evaporation as well as possible remedies.

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Strong bad breath in dogs: an indication of dental problems

There are several reasons for bad breath in dogs. It is possible that the four-legged friend has simply eaten something smelling intensive. Also, food remainders in the lips, which are stuck there and begin to ferment, can have guilt. The lips should, therefore, be checked regularly. If there is a permanent unpleasant odor from the mouth, this can be caused by inflammation of the gums and tartar. A regular tooth check is important in order to remove plaque in time and to prevent inflammation of the gums from developing in the first place. Those who want to avoid bad breath and dental problems in dogs are advised to brush their teeth regularly. The use of chewing bones can also help to eliminate the stinking bad breath.

Very rarely, bad breath is a symptom of the serious disease – from stomach problems to liver and kidney disease to diabetes. If your four-legged friend has persistent bad breath, you should, therefore, consult your vet to rule out serious diseases.


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