French Bulldog

What the French bulldog has once put into his head, is not to be talked out of it so fast again. With a lot of charm, she tries to convince her owner and pulls out all the stops. A consistent education without harshness, but all the more emphasis, is therefore extremely important. For its balance and relaxation, the French Bulldog needs a close bond to its people and thanks them for their guidance and attention with a lot of tenderness and attention.

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The Frenchie, as the French Bulldog is usually affectionately called, was once bred to the fight against bulls and also Artgenossen. With the prohibition of these dog fights the breeding goal changed seriously and brought with different crossings a generally calm and serene character out. What has remained is the compact, very muscular and stocky appearance. The French bulldog is an agile journeyman, who has numerous lovers through the conspicuous and quite own exterior. The trend to the fashion dog and associated dubious breeding are unfortunately a dark side.

what to know about french bulldogs 02

Character and Traits

The French bulldog needs exercise and is always to be inspired for a walk. Splashing in the water is a divine pleasure, especially in hot summer temperatures. However, dog sports activities or other long-lasting activities do not suit her. She likes to be at home, close to her humans and, as a dog that doesn’t like to bark, is just as suitable for a city apartment as for a life in the country. The coat is easy to care for and only the skin folds on the head have to be inspected carefully and regularly. French bulldogs cannot regulate their body temperature efficiently and must, therefore, be protected from overheating and overexertion.


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