List of the best small dog breeds

Small dogs are fabulous companions because they can be carried easily on the arms and can find a wonderful place on the lap. Some even fit into a handbag. They can also be easily kept in a small house or apartment. Although it is often stressed that small dogs are show or lap dogs, they should not be underestimated because of their intelligence and vigilance.

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They will sit on your lap, cuddle or play with you and express their love for you as well as protect you.



Pugs are apartment dogs with the shoulder-height until 28 cm and with the weight until 8 kg. The face has skin-folds, the black muzzle shows a thick nose-fold, that covers the nose-sponge completely, the fur is smooth and short-haired, the nice small tail is carried curled over the back. The dogs come in plain black, silver grey and various shades of beige. They are sociable, playful and can be left alone with children. Pugs need a lot of attention, if you ignore them, they will show displeasure without further ado. The dogs are intelligent, faithful and can be trained very easily.



Chihuahuas come from Mexico and are courageous and resolute. Given their behavior, you might think they think they are big dogs. In reality, they are the smallest breed in the world. The shoulder height is up to 10 cm. The Chihuahua has protruding ears at an angle of 45°, bright protruding eyes and can occur in colors from pure white to whitish with cream markings, tricolor and others to pure black. It is not very sociable but can tolerate strangers. The temperament is quite unpredictable. On the whole, the dogs are lively, alert, restless and very courageous.



Dachshunds are curious and full of life. They are characterized by a low, short-running, elongated, but compact shape. The dogs are categorized as Dachshund, Miniature-Dachshund due to their size and are available in three variants; the short-haired, rough-haired and long-haired. Like terriers, they have a spirited and independent character.

Shih Tzu


Shih Tzus are gentle, loyal, athletic and courageous. Their long silky hair with a lot of undercoats requires regular hair washing and extensive care. The shoulder height reaches up to 10 cm, the weight is 4.5 to 8 kg. They are loving dogs, but early training is a must for this breed. Vigilance is one of the distinctive characteristics of the breed. Due to their posture, they are often said to be arrogant. Shih Tzus are sometimes stubborn, but love their owner unconditionally and accept strangers if they accept their master.

Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are intelligent, have a compact muscular body and a short, square as well as wide and deep face. They weigh between 4,5-11 kg and are 38-43 cm high at the withers. The fur shows different colors like black and white, brown-white, brindle and white, seal and white, blotched with white markings. They enjoy the company of humans and don’t bark much, which is important for keeping in homes and in nearby neighborhoods.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

This race was originally bred in the county Yorkshire in the north of England. These dogs are self-confident, lively, alert and intelligent, and get along well with people, especially children. Their weight amounts to 2,5 to 5 kg, the shoulder-height reaches approximately 23 cm. Their fur is soft, shiny and should be cared for regularly. It can be steel-blue, black or dark brown with spots of tan.

French Bulldog


French bulldogs are extremely affectionate and playful. It is a pleasure to watch them play. The massive head has a flat skull between the ears, an arched forehead, and a well-defined stop. The forehead furrow reaches to eye level. The scalp is loose, soft and has symmetrical folds. The dogs are sociable, cheerful, playful, sporty, alert, intelligent and calm. They don’t matter much if you leave them alone in the house for a long time. French Bulldogs have a maximum shoulder height of 30 cm.

Basset Hound


Basset Hounds are gentle and carefree in character and always seek the closeness of people. They have short runs and a good nose. The weight is 20-29 kg. Their dark, diamond-shaped eyes and large hanging skin give the dogs charm and cuteness. They are very patient with children.



More like a little dog, nothing will stop you from being protected with full devotion. He is intelligent and friendly and rarely irritable or aggressive. Its weight is up to 18 kg, the height at the withers reaches 40 cm. The large soft eyes are dark or hazel, the low set ears are long and rounded at the end. The fur is short, dense and shiny and occurs in Tricolor – black, brown and white. The thick high set tail is carried over the back.



Intelligent and well educated Maltese is considered a traditional lap dog breed. They weigh about 3-4 kg and grow to a height of 25 cm at the withers. The dogs are active, playful and always need people around them.

Miniature Poodle


The Toy Poodle belongs to one of the three types of poodles and is very small. It grows up to 10 cm shoulder height and weighs not more than 3 kg. The dogs are easy to train but require a lot of care. They are very suitable for dog sports like Agility.



Papillons have a fine bone structure and beautiful butterfly ears. They weigh up to 5 kg and are 20-28 cm high at the withers. The dogs are satisfied equally with lying on the lap and active occupation. With its tender behavior, the puppies always remain vigilant so that they indicate the smallest danger through the barking.

There are many other breeds of small dogs such as Bichon Frise, Pekinese, Zwergspitz, Lhasa Apso, Havanese etc..

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