How to House-Train a Labrador

Actually, it is not that difficult to get the Labrador house-trained. Basically, you just need some patience and endurance. At the same time, however, a lot of attention to your dog as well as plenty of consistency plays an important role. Once your Lab has recognized you as the leader of the pack, you can steer his destiny relatively easily, i.e. go for a walk.

As soon as the Labrador comes to his new home, he has to learn a lot. He has already been taught by his mother that he must always keep his sleeping place clean. That’s why he usually goes to certain places to do his business there. In the beginning, it is especially important that you do not leave your Labrador puppy alone and that you take him outside several times a day so that he quickly becomes house-trained. Nevertheless, you can be sure that he will do his business everywhere in the beginning. If you catch him doing this, you should only react with a loud “No” and then immediately take him outside. Other negative reactions should be avoided, as otherwise, he will become anxious and secretly run his business somewhere. Once he has done his business outside for the first time, you can reward him with a little treat or just give him more strokes as a reward.

A Labrador is very intelligent and learns very quickly, especially when he receives recognition for positive behavior. It is important for a puppy to be constantly observed. Often they show by quiet beeping or a certain restlessness that something is about to happen. So that no misfortune happens in the apartment, he should now be brought outside as soon as possible. The more often you react to his behavior, the faster he knows that he has to go outside for his business. In addition, different rituals can be integrated, for example. As soon as the little four-legged friend has woken up or eaten, simply go outside with him, so that he can relieve himself directly.

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