Why doesn’t my dog want to bathe or shower?

Showering or bathing is probably not a favorite activity for most dogs. No matter how dirty your dog is after the walk, it is hard for him to understand why he has to take a bath now. By nature, he doesn’t have the same cleanliness requirements as we do. A bathtub or shower is also very slippery and your dog finds it difficult to hold. At the latest when water gets into your eyes, nose, and ears, it is enough and the four-legged friend wants to escape as quickly as possible from the bathroom.

Tips on how you can make bathing and shower pleasant

In order to make bathing or showering as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible for the dog, you should, therefore, pay attention to a few things. In order not to destroy the natural protective layer of the coat, you should not bathe your dog too often. Often it is enough to brush out the dirt after it has dried. If it is necessary, you should put an anti-slip mat in the tub or shower to improve the hold. Use a dog shampoo, as it contains no fragrances and pays attention to the water temperature. Spare the face, because your dog is very sensitive at eyes and ears. If your dog panics, don’t force him to take a shower. First get him used to the tub slowly, without the water running. With a lot of calm and patience, almost every problem can be solved. The fact that splashing down with the garden hose at cool temperatures should be taboo is self-explanatory.

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