What is the best puppy food?

The dog as a descendant of the wolf needs a balanced diet. Contrary to the earlier opinion that a pure meat diet was the right one, today we know that the dog very well needs vegetable parts. In the wild, the stomach contents of prey animals provide the necessary plant substances.

Most of the dry and wet food of the common and good brands are so-called complete foods (= alone completely sufficient) and can be fed without further additives, there will be no deficiency symptoms.

It is up to you whether you prefer a pure dry feeding or also want to feed additionally or even exclusively wet food, the feeds differ in the relevant characteristics mostly only in the water content.

A dog that only gets dry food has, of course, a higher drinking water need, access to fresh water must always be guaranteed. With pure dry feeding no problems are to be expected, the often heard suppositions, pure dry feeding damages the kidneys etc., lack any basis! On the contrary, the self-cleaning of the teeth is encouraged by the administration of dry food.

The principle should be: Always feed only the food of one manufacturer, do not mix several manufacturers, otherwise, it can come to incompatibility reactions in time, if too many additives (preservatives, anti-oxidants, dyes) come together.

If you want to combine wet and dry food, you should only use one manufacturer for both.

Pure dry feeding with high-quality food is good, healthy, practical, cost-conscious and species-appropriate dog food.

Puppy (0 – 6 months)

A puppy that comes to you from the breeder has already adapted to a food, usually dry food. Ideally, the breeder has given you some food for the transition period, so if you want to switch to another food, you can make the transition creeping.

It is very important that you give the puppy a puppy food and not adult food, as it is unfortunately recommended again and again.

Puppies have a particularly high calcium requirement, which is not sufficiently covered by adult food.

It is often helpful to pour warm water over the dry food and let it soak, from the 5-6th month this is usually no longer necessary, to get used to the hard food you should mix more and more unsoaked chunks.

>>>The frequently heard statements, too high protein content let puppies grow too fast, lead to bone and joint damage or make dogs restless, are proven to be wrong and scientifically refuted! <<<

The puppy should receive the puppy food at least up to the age of 6 months, gladly also up to 10 or 12 months, depending upon the manufacturer.

It is ideal to weigh the puppy weekly and thus achieve a constant weight gain up to the age of 6 months. It is very useful not to provide the puppy with free food, it is better to weigh the food in the morning and portion it throughout the day. 3 – 4 meals per day are ideal.

Since the puppy education usually works a lot with “treats”, it has proved very successful to offer the puppy his normal dry food as “treats”, you can take the “treats – ration” of the morning weighed daily ration and avoid so that the puppy becomes too fat!

With 6-8 (if necessary 12) months the conversion can take place on young dog food, one mix over 2 weeks both feeds, so it does not come to a sudden conversion, which is almost always acknowledged with digestion problems (diarrhea, vomiting).

As a supplement, it is a good idea to give the puppy some cottage cheese and a tablespoon of olive or safflower oil over the food from the beginning, important unsaturated fatty acids are contained in it, beneficial for coat and skin. Addition of calcium or similar is NOT necessary if you use a normal puppy food, it can even be very harmful!


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