How to Get a Dog to Stop Play Biting

The biting of puppies is actually normal and comparable with the phase of human children who want to put everything in their mouths. Even dog children explore the world with their mouths. But already after a few months, the dog’s teeth can cause serious injuries if the dog doesn’t learn bite inhibition.

Puppies’ teeth feel a bit like their own hand is being “caressed” by a pincushion. Already through his litter siblings, the puppy learns before his eighth week of life when he bites too hard. You must now continue this educational measure as soon as the puppy has moved in with you. Otherwise, you will have a biting dog in a short time who can hurt you and others with his full-grown teeth.

This is how to stop your puppy biting

But how do you teach your dog that he has just bitten too hard? The easiest way to train the bite inhibitor is to play with your dog while holding a toy in your hand. At some point, the moment will come when your puppy will catch your finger – whether accidentally or intentionally.

Now you have several possibilities to react:

Variant A: The squeaker

You squeak out loud and the game stops instantly. The dog should not have the toy at this moment and you should ignore him. You can turn away from him physically and not look at him. The squealing is supposed to imitate the sound of his siblings making when another puppy has hurt them. The loud noise should frighten the dog a bit. After a short break (about 10 seconds) you can continue the game.

Variant B: Time-Out

If your puppy is unimpressed by your Quicken and even feels incited by it, it will also help to interrupt the game and get up. Some puppies will then like to attack over their trouser legs. In this case, the best thing to do is to retreat spatially for a moment. Or you simply go into another room and close the door. After a few seconds you come back in and the game can continue. Of course, the room where the puppy is left behind should be safe accordingly.

Alternatively, the puppy can be moved for a very short time to another room that is puppy safe. Before you or the puppy leaves the room, you should always signal to your dog (by squeaking or with your voice) that he has done something wrong. And you do that exactly when your puppy has bitten you.

Build up the training slowly

The above-mentioned variants need time, of course. Your dog will not give up biting overnight. But the intensity with which he bites will become less. It makes sense to build up the training in such a way that you react accordingly later when the puppy has his teeth “only” on your skin. He should finally learn that they have lost nothing on your skin or clothes.

And if nothing helps anymore?

There are unfortunately puppies, with which many education methods do not seem to help. The small dog children play themselves at lightning speed in Rage or have their famous 5 minutes. Biting seems to give them a lot of joy. Some dog owners then tend to stick their dog’s finger in his throat when he wants to bite. Or they hold the lower jaw until the dog beeps. I am personally not a friend of such variants, because the puppy is then in pain.

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