10 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

We present ten dog breeds which are suitable as family dogs. Of course, other breeds can also be wonderful family dogs! Decisive is always the right training, education and that the dogs as puppies were well socialized in the first weeks of life.

1. Golden Retriever

Are you looking for a family dog that stays calm even if your children pull his tail in their exuberance? Then a Golden Retriever may be the right choice. Golden Retrievers are intelligent, calm and patient dogs and are not considered aggressive. Their protective instinct is relatively uneven. They need a lot of activity – also on and in the water, as they are not afraid of water and are good swimmers.

2. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a popular family dog all over the world. These dogs are good-natured, friendly animals who are open-minded and curious about people. His patient, balanced nature and his will to please his master make him a good family dog. Since he was originally not bred as a hunting dog, but as a retrieving dog, he still has a great passion for retrieving. With a Labrador retriever Stöckchenwerfen belongs from now on firmly to the daily program!

3. Newfoundlander

The big Newfoundlanders may look massive, but they are gentle teddy bears. These dogs don’t usually behave aggressively or shyly towards humans or other dogs. Although they learn tricks and commands somewhat more slowly, they quickly become house-trained. Newfoundlanders like to cuddle and distribute shabby kisses with joy. Their friendly, calm and balanced nature makes them a great family dog.

4. Basset Hound

Bassets are rather comfortable and calm. Furthermore, they are considered intelligent and adaptive. The basset usually integrates quickly and doesn’t like to be alone – so a lot has to happen before the children’s hustle and bustle gets on its nerves! Originally intended as a hunting dog, the hunting instinct of the Basset can vary from dog to dog in strength or weakness. Basset owners should not forget this when walking in the woods.
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5. Collie

Thanks to “Lassie” we have known for a long time that Collies have a distinct protective instinct! In addition, they are considered adaptable companion dogs who are gentle and affectionate towards their owners. With strangers, on the other hand, the Collie does not warm up quickly and behaves reserved and reserved. Collies are exceptionally clever and teachable dogs who like to be in company with their humans and go through thick and thin with “their” children.

6. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an affectionate and faithful family dog that builds a close bond with its owners. Whether in the forest, in the park or on the beach: these dogs need a lot of exercises. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are courageous, willing to work and by nature bright and cheerful. They are very nerve-strong and do not become easily nervous, nevertheless, owners and animal keepers should consider that the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a hunting dog and consider this when going for a walk.

7. Shorthaired Hungarian Pointer

The short-haired Hungarian Pointer is a very sensitive dog, which may be treated neither in the education nor in the training roughly. He combines the speed and endurance of a greyhound and therefore needs sufficient movement and species-appropriate activity. If this is given, he makes himself excellent as a family dog. Shorthaired Hungarian Pointing Dogs are very human-friendly, have a strong need for contact and are not soft from the side of their owner.

8. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a popular family dog that is very intelligent and docile and needs a lot of attention and care. Australian Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs and therefore fit best into a sporty and active family. Physical activity alone is not enough for the Australian Shepherd: Dog sport as a supplement is an ideal way for the dogs to feel mentally stressed.

9. English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel has a firm, kind-hearted character and is known for his love for children. He is not “Everybody’s Darling”, but has a few steady reference persons, with whom he joins and whom he loves idolatrously. English Springer Spaniels have an overall friendly and cheerful character, are very lively and usually not aggressive or nervous.

10. Norwegian Moose Dog

Norwegian moose dogs have a friendly, child-friendly nature and are loyal to their family. Since they belong to the hunting dogs, they are also vigilant and courageous. However, they are also quite independent and self-confident, which does not necessarily make their upbringing and training easy. One should therefore not expect one hundred percent obedience from a Norwegian moose dog.


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