The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

Should you give your dog a raw food diet?

Raw food diets for humans are fashionable all the time, but at least people can choose to eat only uncooked food and change their mind if they don’t like it. The raw food for dogs is more controversial because the dogs themselves have no say in the decision. But what are the facts? Is it beneficial for a canine to eat only uncooked meat, vegetables and fruit?

While many working dogs and greyhounds bred for the race track are often fed on such diets, is it right for the family dog? Those who opt for the approach claim that it is a more natural feeding system than canned or dry commercial pet food. It is said that it is a diet closer to the food that the wild ancestors of a domestic dog would have eaten.

Those who oppose feeding dogs only uncooked food, including many veterinarians and the Food and Drug Administration Federal Agency, claim that scientific studies show that the health risks associated with raw meat and vegetables are too high for dogs. The main risks are bacterial infections, poor nutrition, and injuries from splintering bones.

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